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The most difficult task for applicants preparing for Civil Service Examinations or any other competitive exam is locating the best and most ranked test series, leading teachers nearby, and their topmost book preferences. Your single error of selecting the incorrect test series could cost you a year or discourage you from taking the exam. The aspirants going with the flow of preparation don’t have much time to decide whether the books they are preparing are worth the level of their exams or not. Therefore we are here to provide you with the solution to every problem and issue you face during concluding the best test series for the particular exam you are going to appear in. 

Exampay offers the best test series to students enrolled from all over the country, including those preparing in rural areas. Exampay offers the most valuable and best test series for UPSC aspirants to use in preparation for competitive exams. You, the students of this new era, are no longer required to run before any associate or ask them to help in deciding the best test series for the UPSC. 

The online test series is composed of mock test papers, which really rely on the exams and totally belong to the syllabus. Some of the institutes provide you with messed-up questions about a particular subject without considering the syllabus. But Exampay gives you an organized series of questions for every particular subject, going directly with the flow of its syllabus, and some advanced-level questions just to make the students prepared for any tragic questions.

And now, we will provide you with the reasons why choosing the best series is important for any aspirant.

Getting familiar with the examination:

  The most relevant reason for enrolling is to receive the best test series for getting familiar with the types of questions asked during the exams. As previously stated, ExamPay offers the best UPSC test series, which assists aspirants in gaining an understanding of the questions asked during the exams as well as the time limit for attempting the given question. It provides you with the same environment for exams as you are going to have in the future. Surely the test series will provide you with the 99% perfection you need for any competitive exams. It helps you prepare to the best of your knowledge. The test series provides you with a great mindset for attempting every question and also sharpens the brain.


Attempting a competitive exam is not only a big task, but preparing for it with full focus is very necessary to achieve the goal of your dreams. To give a strong showing in the main competitive exams, you can solve the test series as well as back-year question papers. You will be habituated to the terms and conditions of the examination and may build a powerful attitude towards it. 

Test series, in particular, are for learning and gaining recognition with new ideas and concepts of the examination, which completes the mission of your connection to the test series. Finally, these test series prepare you to be a disciplined competitor in any competitive exam

Time Management

 Basically, time is the main element of any competitive exam, which needs to be managed so carefully that even the waste of a single minute may cost you a lot in terms of time. Exampay’s Online Test Series (OTS) is the best medium for understanding the type of question and its duration. 

The aspirants preparing for the UPSC need the test series for the UPSC to manage their time and build a level of concentration of 2-3 hours, which would surely help them during their exams. They can easily ensure and detect the time allotted to every segment of the question paper. It also gives a sample preview of the final paper.

Boosts Confidence

As a candidate for a competitive exam, you should remember the adage “Practice makes perfect.” It also builds the level of confidence in all aspirants and makes them 100% prepared for the main exam. Attempting the online test series makes you enhance your knowledge by attempting the conceptual-based questions.

It also helps build your confidence for the interview round. As for the Civil Service Exam (UPSC), you need to have full self-confidence in yourself and be highly motivated toward your goal.


Reduces the chances of mistakes

Applicants appearing for the competitive exam often commit silly mistakes due to anxiety and stress during their main exam. Where silly mistakes include slipping the subheadings of some important topics, calculation mistakes, missing questions in the middle, and going blank while attempting some points during the exams, 

And here we provide you with the medium of an online test series that helps you overcome all the issues that you are going to face during the exam and have a better experience with it.


Immediate Analysis of Your Preparation Status

The test series provided by Exampay shows your real preparation level for the particular exam. It provides the positive and negative points from the exam’s point of view.  This also shows your ranking within the particular field. You will better know the weak points and need more concentration in the upcoming weeks for good marks in the specific exam.  

After getting to know the importance of the test series, you should better be aware of the provisions of the exam, which are given as follows:

Test Series Format

You should always go for the test series that considers the format of your exam. Different test series have different patterns of questions. As a UPSC aspirant, you should better be prepared with the test series of UPSC according to its pre and mains exam pattern. In this way, you can save your generous valuable time and money, for better worthy preparation.

Feedback from toppers

All toppers, after clearing their exams and interviews, mention the test series they purchased, and from there, you can surely conclude that ExamPay provides the best test series to defeat the competition. And Exampay is the only company that offers the most highly recommended test series by toppers.


By possessing all the above-mentioned points, we the supporters at Exampay provide you with all the special test series at a very genuine price. Will surely stand by you for every issue that you face while attempting the test series.


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