How can you improve your study habits by using online mock tests?

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Being a student preparing for any kind of examination under any sort of institution and even for any particular subject of your high school, preparing in the best way is always the target aim. But, as we all know and must have experienced that as the level of academic hierarchy increases there is a greater requirement for proper conceptual

understanding, real-time question-solving ability, and practical understanding rather than mere cramming.

What’s the most common issue faced by students that acts as a barrier to achieving greater marks even after being regular in attending lectures?


This particular kind of situation happens a lot with students who even after doing a certain amount of hard work end up not getting the desired result. It is correct to say that academics require hard work but, the best results could be achieved if it’s mixed up with a hint of practical smart work.  

It’s good for students to maintain discipline by attending their lectures regularly and preparing notes as it’s the first step that makes the base stronger to crack any examination. But, the problem arises when the students just merely depend on this cycle and don’t look out for solving the questions that are actually important from the exam point of view.

How does this problem cause serious issues?


Now, if any student just focuses on the above-stated mechanism then there are somewhat high chances of clearing a not-so-competitive exam. But, that won’t be the case with the high-level competitive examinations that require more effort and practice than this. 

Cracking those examinations does not just require an in-depth understanding and learning of basic material or concepts through any kind of guide or module. It is very important for the student to understand the exact pattern of the examination they are about to appear. If it’s not followed then there are high chances that you face:

  • Improper time management due to which you fail in solving all the questions within the time limit. 
  • Difficulty in understanding the practical language of questions (especially, case study-based ones).
  • Unfamiliarity with the answer key resulted in a series of confusion regarding how much to write and even how to. 
  • Not being able to revise the paper at least twice before submitting it. 
  • Lack of confidence creates exam anxiety mentally and hampers the way you attempt the exam.

Hence, these are some of the major issues that you can face if you don’t take some extra and highly beneficial steps towards your dream of always doing your best and achieving your academic goals.

how to deal with it!


NOTE: The first thing that should be fitted in your mind being a student should always be to look out for the solution for things with patience rather than just worrying about it. Being just stressed about the concern of getting good marks and spending all time anxiously worrying rather than working on solutions won’t work. 

There exists no problem that couldn’t be solved and there is no goal that couldn’t be achieved. Similarly, after going through this article you will be having the solution to the concern of the practical way to deal with examinations that will be even helpful in the long run by improving your study habits to a great extent.

Solution = Online Mocks Tests

What are online mocks tests?


So, firstly the online mocks tests are a sort of copy of the exact kind of examination you will be appearing on (obviously, it won’t contain all the same questions that you will be appearing on the examination day). These are designed by professional teachers or the test-taking faculty in such a way as to make students familiar with the specific pattern of that exam and to make them prepared in the best way. 

Nowadays, since the tremendous increase in the education arena has made education easily available through the internet in a similar way a person can attempt almost any kind of online mock test for any examination they are about to appear using electronic devices like laptops, phones, tablets etc at the comfort of their home with the only requirement of a good internet connection and wise manner for attempting it.

online mock tests

There are merits to taking online mock tests that can help you achieve extraordinary academic results!


After understanding all the basic information regarding everything you need to know before reaching the solution i.e. ‘taking online mock tests’ it’s time to look at some of the in-depth stated and informative points that will definitely a responsible and rational student make you aware regarding the importance of attempting mock tests before entering the examination hall.

1. You will achieve the best time management


The most useful and practical merit of mock tests, that makes it quite compulsory for you to attempt, is that they help you to get the perfect command over time. A prior practice of online mocks will help you analyse the amount of time you are taking to solve each question and check if it’s desirable or not. Hence, after attempting these there will be a lesser chance of you not being able to complete the paper on time.

2. Will make you familiar with the variety of questions that could be asked in the real examination


Even Though by attempting online mocks you won’t be able to get the exact questions you will be asked you can perfectly analyse the pattern of the entire exam. A rough idea can be made regarding the weightage of chapters, marking scheme, and difficulty level. By smartly analysing all this and marking all the important concepts you can do a lot better in the final examination.

3. Helps you analyse your strengths and weakness


The online mock tests from exampay are capable of providing you with a complete reality check regarding your preparation. One thing that you must keep in mind is that never become hopeless even if you don’t score well in the mocks. The mocks are designed and meant to be attempted to only make you familiar with your weak and strong topics so that you make all the necessary improvements and perform the best in the exam.



We hope that after going through this article you will take the step of solving online mock tests to improve your study habits to the next level. ExamPay is helping many aspirants through its online mock test series and assisting many students in overcoming exam anxiety and stress, as well as preparing for competitive exams. 


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