The Importance of Online Mock Tests in UPSC Preparation

importance of online mock tests

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UPSC is the second-toughest exam in the world. Despite this fact, almost 5 lakh students every year fill up the UPSC examination form. However, the success rate is only 0.2%. The exam is indeed tough, but it’s also the way you prepare that matters. Proper understanding of the syllabus, revision, discipline, and dedication matter, but there is one thing that can boost your preparation by a hundred times. I am here to talk about the online mock test series for UPSC. 

Online mock tests are conducted by several teaching institutes. Students register them for the test series and evaluate their competence. An online mock series will develop your understanding, boost your confidence, and expose you to a reflection of real exams. In this blog, I am going to share some very important points. These points will expose you to the importance of the UPSC online mock test series. 

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9 reasons why online mock test series are essential for UPSC Preparation 


1.Scoring above 100 marks


Data from previous years show that candidates qualified for the first round of UPSC exams. The GS-1 exam is worth 200 points, and you must score 100 or higher to pass. It may vary according to the level of competition. 

It is important to note that, while the score obtained in the preliminary exams does not determine your ranking or final results, it is still required for your qualification in the subsequent exams. 

Online mock tests prepare you for the questions that you are going to face in the exam hall. This way, you improve your chances of scoring high marks. 100 or more should be your minimum target. 

2. Not to Panic at Exam Hall


Believe me, it’s a real problem. People are there who have their throats full of knowledge. They can even teach you the subjects. However, they fail the real exam. Why? 

They start panicking once they reach the exam hall. This is all because of their lack of problem-solving practice. UPSC online Mock test series prepare your mind and environment to deal with the real exam. When you are already accustomed to the practice exams, it’s easier to face the real ones. 

3.Learning the Important Concept


The UPSC syllabus is infinite in nature. Every day, especially current events, are updated. All of this must be kept in mind when working with concepts. There is a saying that “syllabus completion is a myth in UPSC.” 

But you can filter out the important topics and concepts of the UPSC, which will help you score maximum points. Also, it would make your revisions easier and quicker. By attempting an online mock test series, you can filter out the important topics of the whole syllabus. This way, you can achieve more results with fewer efforts. 

4.Pre-prepare for the UPSC standards


We all know that the UPSC is tough, but you may or may not know where you stand in the crowd. Many aspirants fall into the trap of self-superiority and fail miserably. The standards are too high, and you have to be ready for that. The only way to come close to reality is by taking mock tests. start with the basic or beginner UPSC online mock test These tests give you an all-India ranking in real-time. This assesses your standing among aspirants from all over India. Mock tests are an excellent way to observe UPSC standards. 

Many mock tests also analyze and show your strengths and weaknesses in the UPSC exams. 

5.Boosts Your Confidence


The UPSC mock test boosts your confidence in general. It develops your answer-writing abilities for pre-exams. The question set exposes you to the exam and lets you not practice. This in general boosts your confidence, as you have already faced the questions prior to the actual exam. 

6.Help You Understand the Question Pattern of UPSC exam


Mock tests are designed to give you glimpses of the actual exam paper. After taking regular exams, you will be able to understand the exam pattern of the UPSC. This will allow you to plan your preparation more effectively and earn the most points. 

7.Instruct Time Management


Time management is very crucial when you are preparing for any competitive examination. Regularly taking online mock tests makes you familiar with exams. This helps you to practice all questions within time, which helps you to cover the maximum number of questions. Through time management, you can also evaluate the subjects that take more time to understand, solve, and write the answers. 

8.Gives You Time for Syllabus Revision


When you regularly invest your time in mock tests, you will find yourself in a better position to revise the syllabus. The tests prepare you to take the exam by exposing you to more important topics and conceptual questions. This helps strengthen your understanding of the exam and syllabus. As a result, your revision becomes more powerful and fruitful. You use your remaining time wisely, focusing on your strengths and weaknesses, to cover up everything you’ve learned. 

9.Expose Your Strength & Weaknesses


The only way to test your limits is to test them regularly. Only this way will you be able to check where you stand. This is why tests are very important. They expose your weak points and your strengths in your preparations. You can find the subjects and topics on which you need to focus more than others. Once you know the distance between your preparation and your selection requirement, you will focus accordingly. An evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses will help you create strategies for your best results in the exams. 



UPSC Preparation or UPSC exam are no joke. If you are going for it, you must go all out. The competition is high; you need to be at your best. 

Exam pay Online mock test series are a great way to evaluate your preparations, understanding of concepts and strategies, and time management. Above in this blog, I have discussed 9 points that describe the importance of an online mock test series. So give your preparation wings with an online mock test series. Register with them now.


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